Behavior sorting and disposing of trash in its place is important concern for Indonesia. Let’s start to make good culture sorting you trash become you income


Waste a lot of time and energy searching for trash with the conventional way. We bring you the esay way for making money with your trash.


in the global era of the economy it is difficult to raise the standard of living. With using skills, labor and tools to manage data of trash to grow the industry.

let’s introduce :)

What is Moretrash ?Waste benefits

what is Moretrash? ….. waste benefits

Moretrash is a service that simplifies the process of collecting, sorting and managing waste. We created several applications that can connect users with the nearest waste management site. Moretrash is real-time, which means that users “match making” between other users can be done at a certain time.

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Trash Removal and Trash Collector Mobile App

Apps for people who want to benefit from their trash. Sell trash to earn extra money. Apps for people who have a waste management business, making it easier to find waste for industrial needs.

  • Trash Dashboard

  • Trash pick

  • Trash Drop

  • Trash Point

  • Trash Inscturction

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Our Product

We run the business sustainably with simple & solid business model.

Trash Removal

Connect users who want to sort and dispose of trash to the nearest trash collectors to pick-up then Connect users to deliver the trash to the nearest trash drop point

Trash Collector

Pick-up and sale point covers the nearest area and confirmation. Help trash collectors to manage stock they need and trash pick-up scheduling.

B2B Trash Management

A service for business (restaurant, office, factory, etc) for scheduled trash collection & sell out transaction

What Users Say About Moretrash

Some kind words from our respected clients


Trash is picked up, get more money. It is very easy for us students who are in the boarding house a lot of piles of garbage.


Dian Istiqomah


Fast and friendly service at affordable prices. It made me realize that taking care of the environment can bring me real benefits.


Theo Arum Jati


This can be a solution for those who have used items, besides being able to make the house cleaner, they can also earn money Sip, thanks for the service


Arie Widya

Our Partnership!

We are not alone, Introduce Partner that always help us

It is undeniable that cooperation with partners is the biggest strength in the company’s business. Each Partnership has its own help. Therefore, work is able to make the target goals easier to achieve.


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